Notice how there is no wind, it is the birds that are making the Windsticks move
Wax Eyes are feeding on apple slices





Feed Birds on your Windsticks:

- Slide slices of apple, fruit or squares of bread down the Windsticks to attract birds.
- Feeding birds are well above the ground from cats & dogs

- Depending on how close the birds already live to your garden, it could take initially take the birds a week or so to work out you have food for them.
Start with 2-3 fruit or bread slices and change it each day so that when the birds land the food is moist and fresh. Once the birds have worked out you have food they will generally turn up at similar times each day to check for food. Ensure you put fresh food out each day as if you disappoint the birds in time they will take you off their flight pattern. I find in Winter when food is scarce my Windsticks get mobbed by birds and it is really easy to train them at that time of year. It is not unusual in Winter to have 12-20 birds outside feeding
- Each Windstick has 2 stones set along the length that will enable you to feed the birds. If you wanted Windsticks with no stones just let me know. Windsticks with no stones will stand more vertical and are good for making a mass "grid" effect









A unique gift that will give years of enjoyment


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