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Slicing apples up and shoving them on sticks may seem like a waste, but on the third day... waxeyes! Yes, we have avian visitors after only a few days! It's been a little over a week now, and we have a mated pair of waxeyes who are regular guests and our waving buffet, and they often bring friends too, who dine with glee on the slices of apple, the pieces of wholegrain bread, and the chunks of ripe banana we put out every 2nd day. Much to our cats' disgust, no amount of pouncing, staring or yowling will bring the birds into range of their claws, and the birds will now happily feed while the cats sit around and stare longingly.

In fact, the waxeye pair have become so comfortable and bold, they will start to feed while we are still stocking up the feed! If we put food on the taller sticks first, they will come and feed while we are still putting the apple and bread on the short sticks. Once they are stocked, the waxeyes will gleefully bounce from windstick to windstick checking out the fare, utterly unconcerned by the humans present.

I think these are brilliant, just brilliant! I love the way they look, I love how good they are for the birds, and in combination with some seed-bells hung in nearby trees, we now have a far greater number of birds visiting us, which is great for the family members who are into wildlife photography. Being near a stream and some palm trees, we have ducks and pigeons as regular neighbours, and we can now add sparrows and waxeyes to the list... plus a few more that I can't name because it's really more my wife who's into snapping pictures of the wildlife.

Overall, I would highly recommend these to anyone wanting to do something amazing with their yard. These are VERY durable and unlikely to suffer from UV damage any time soon, though being red I do expect them to fade faster than the blue or green poles... only time will tell on that front though. The stones are carefully hand-drilled and fitted to each pole in positions that are well-placed to give a good weight in the right place to make the poles dynamically unstable - this means even a slight breeze will get them moving, but won't let them whip around in a dangerous manner in any level of wind you would be comfortable standing out in. Another stunning Kiwi product we are very proud to promote! ... read the full review on














Hi Kim, I have just ordered 7 more of your beautiful Windsticks, i bought 5 of them at the Home and Garden show in Hamilton last Monday, I put them near my Jack-o-Lantern tree where the wax eyes hang out the most and with in 5 minutes of me putting the Windsticks in the ground with kiwifruit on them the wax eyes were all over them it was awesome, my cats were very interested but left the birds alone the wind sticks are beautiful to watch in the wind and they are wonderful for feeding the birds and keeping them safely away from my cats.

Many thanks, love your work.
Francie (Hamilton)








Hi there,
I bought some windsticks from you and they are installed in the garden. They are awesome, within 2 hours the wax eyes turned up and were having a feed. Can't get the smile off my face.
Sian (Milford)









I ordered some windsticks off you and have them in installed in my front garden. I was wondering if you could send me up some cards on them as to date I have had 9 people come to my door and ask where I got them from, including a couple of notes stuck to my door, asking me to ring people etc .. I give them your website, but it would be easier if I could have a few cards to hand out. They are a hit in Milford
Sian (Milford)










Dear Kim, I want to thank you so much for the windsticks. We had in the past fed the birds seed and fruit from a balcony birdfeeder, but didn't like having to hose the copious bird poop off before we could sit out on the balcony. So we put the windsticks in the garden, and stopped putting foodout in the bird feeder. After a week of patiently placing fresh fruit onthe sticks every day, the clever silvereyes caught on, and naturally the sparrows have followed. I 'planted' the windsticks outside my office - I work from home - and the daily circus is a welcome distraction. We also have some outside our bedroom window, and weekend mornings are spent in bed, eating breakfast and watching the show.
I saw the windsticks at the Ellerslie Flower Show, and they were the only thing I really wanted to purchase. Apart from an outdoor hot tub, but windsticks are way more affordable!

Thanks again Kim, for your lovely product and excellent and speedy service. I have passed your cards and leaflets on to friends.
Pinky (Wellington)








Best purchase this year!!!!!! Hours of amusement watching wax eyes , fast delivery and great communication . Thanks
Le-Anna (Wellington)









OMG Instant bird attraction. From the minuite I put them in there have been waxeyes on it. I live them and when I can afford it will buy more. Highly recommended trader who bent over backwards to help
Carol (Hamilton)









LOVE LOVE LOVE these windsticks - how clever! Thanks - and keep me posted on any new art concepts....!
Kristina (Queenstown)



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