I invented Windsticks many years ago to find a solution to stop my dog Bailey from stealing the bird food from the lawn, and to keep the birds safe from my dog.

My dog died many years ago, before the first earthquake happened in Christchurch. After that first earthquake in September 2010, I had to move house. I moved in with Stephen. My whole house had been packed into a storage container except a few things, including my Windsticks as I was concerned about them being broken in the earthquakes. So I installed them into Stephens garden. I would find Stephen watching them out the window and he kept saying how much he liked them. So I decided to make Stephen his own set of Windsticks as he would miss them once I was able to move when the earthquakes stopped. At that time we believed earthquakes would only go for a month or two (not the 13,000 earthquakes that we ended up having)


I gave Stephen his own set of red Windsticks and every day I would find him watching them. Within seven days he was tragically killed in the CTV building in the 22nd February 2011 earthquake.
In those seven days before Stephen was killed we talked about them every day. Stephen kept saying to me "others would love these too". However I never really believed him

After Stephens death - I stayed in his house, looking after his cat and his landscaped gardens until EQC could repair the earthquake damage and his family could sell his house.
I spent much time reflecting on life and our last conversations together and I kept hearing his voice saying “others would love these too”.
When I finally had a house of my own again I decided to take Stephens advice, and see. . . .

It also taught me a valuable lesson. If you find the perfect gift for someone. Don't wait until their birthday or Christmas to give it to them. Give it to them when you first see the gift. You never know what might happen and they have all that extra time to enjoy your present. Stephen only had his red Windsticks for seven days, but I saw him get so much enjoyment from them. I know it helped make the last seven days of his life more enjoyable and I am so thankful that I gave them to him when I did.

This is why there is a large set of red Windsticks on the CTV site in Christchurch where Stephen and another 114 people (including two more of my friends) were tragically killed. It is nice to finally give Stephen back his set of red Windsticks and I have had a number of the other familes thank me for installing something beautiful on the CTV site.

The photo below which is on my business cards is Stephens Windsticks in his garden, taken the day before he was tragically killed.



The idea/product is unique to me and I own the Copyright of it. Any copies would be a breach in Copyright law which I would persue through my copyright lawyer



Bailey Dog stephen in santorini stephen in santorinistephen in santorini
......... To Bailey and Stephen, both who I miss dearly


Windsticks on CTV site - 5th anniversary 22-2-2016 - with white roses

Windsticks on the CTV site - 22/2/2016 the 5th Anniversary of the Chrsitchurch earthquake
This year I put a white rose on each Windstick
in memory of my best friend Stephen Wright who was killed there

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